A Vegan, 7 Months later

20th April 2019

Subject to contrary belief, I’m not dead. I’m not deficit in protein or calcium, I’m healthier now than ever before. 7 months ago I cut all animal products out of my life. I made the conscious decision to take responsibility for my actions, my health and every other aspect involved. Regardless of the stigma and the criticism received over my choice I pushed though knowing full well the affect my choice would have.

I’m not going to lie to you, it wasn’t easy. Going cold turkey (pardon the pun) was difficult, seeing adverts on TV of foods you used to over indulge in or Visiting family and friends and explaining to every single person that you’re not crazy, you’re just aware. Checking every single label does get tiresome but honestly the amount of products I’ve put back after seeing the crap which is in them is a concerning and I don’t just mean meat or dairy.

We’re creatures of habit and we having cravings, I never ate much meat but cheese was the biggest hurdle for me, I loved that first bite in a gooey, stringy cheese pizza and I would eat the whole thing to myself easy. Self control and moderation? Don’t know ’em. The absolute hardest thing for me becoming vegan was telling myself no.

7 months down the line you’ll see me checking every label, every menu even the filling used in my pillows. I’m aware of my actions, I am in control of what I do and it’s never been easier. 7 months ago you’d maybe find a bean burger, or a tofu dish but now, Have you seen the explosion in choice? Vegan food is everywhere! Most restaurants and fast food places have some vegetarian or vegan option on the menu, supermarkets now sell vegan burgers, eggs and even cheeses!

There has honestly never been an easier time to be vegan. With so many alternatives and choices the excuse not to be is dwindling by the day and if you’re still uncertain just try one alternative, what do you have to lose, honestly?