MorningStar Farms – Grillers Crumbles

12th July 2019

MorningStar’s crumble is a great and definitely delicious vegan alternative to minced meat similar to that used in Del Tacos Beyond Tacos. Being able to cook this in your own home opens a lot of dishes from Tacos to Bolognese and contains generous portion sizes too!

This is one of my favorite ingredients to buy due to its versatility in many dishes and it’s similarities to what I am familiar with, I often cook this into tacos with Daiya shreds, re-fried beans and diced onions, my husband loves this one!

I haven’t used MorningStar Grillers Crumbles in many other dishes but I am excited to try as soon as I can, maybe even attempt my own vegan lasagna! These can be cooked directly from frozen with a small splash of oil and fry until slightly crispy for added flavor and crunch and you’re set, Delicious and better than any beef mince I had eaten in the past, trust me!

Whilst these are currently only available in the states hopefully we here in the UK might be able to find them on shelves soon because I crave them dearly!