My Vegan Fast Food: Carl’s Jr.

April 1st 2019

Having tasted Beyond Meat’s patty prior to this visit I had somewhat high expectations for what I expected to be served, also knowing that this burger from Carl’s Jr would in-fact be charbroiled not fried. Whilst this burger is 100% plant based it is served with dairy cheese and their own signature sauce which is Not vegan, so ask to hold the cheese and sauce and add your own sauce after if need be.

From the first bite it’s obvious what patty it is, the taste and texture resembles the one you can purchase from the store which is good, whilst being thinner and wider as you’d expect in a fast food restaurant when ordering a burger.

Considering how much I loved the Beyond Burger before, and maybe it’s because it’s fast food but this tasted even better than I hoped, the flavors were all there, the texture and even the aroma made this a real treat!

Since trying this burger for the first time I have actually returned three times to get it again whilst I love home cooking sometimes it’s nice to not have to clean up after and just enjoy a meal you haven’t had to cook yourself. With Carl’s Jr adding a vegan option to their menu they have just raised the bar higher than ever, to keep up with demand and the competition we should soon be seeing more and more restaurants implementing vegan options in their stores in the near future which has made me ever more excited. I can’t wait to see what will be next!