My Vegan Fast Food: Del Taco

April 3rd 2019

At the time of writing this post the Beyond Taco & Beyond Avocado Taco are only available at select Del Taco stores so it is advised to check their website before vising.

Using the famous Beyond Meat Del Taco have created their delicious vegetarian/vegan alternatives. Whilst the original Beyond Taco does in fact have cheese the Beyond Avocado does Not so make sure you check before you order.

As for the texture, whilst resembling that of mince it has the soft and sweet tasting flavor of the familiar Beyond Meat burger. The difference between this and your average taco is very minimal so congratulations to Del Taco for achieving a product on par with that of their originals so that we can enjoy those foods again and those wishing to try a healthier, vegan option now can without sacrificing a tasty meal.

Hopefully we will see the Beyond Taco and Beyond Avocado Taco being rolled out to all their stores as a permanent addition to the menu!

Fyi, the hashbrown sticks, fries and Avocado Veggie are also vegan.