My Vegan Fast Food: Greggs

23rd April 2019

The last time I visited Greggs the vegan sausage roll was being trialed in a select few stores in the UK, I hadn’t considered travelling to grab one, knowing if I waited patiently it would eventually be sold in stores closer to me.

Of course it was just my luck that within a short period of time of flying out to the states Greggs had announced that they were now selling in the rest of the stores. I knew I’d have something exciting to look forward to upon my return to the rain.

For those of you whom haven’t tried or even heard of a sausage roll they’re as simple as a sausage (in this case, quorn) wrapped in delicious flaky pastry but like 100x better than how it sounds, its magic really.

Now I admit to having have eaten somewhere between 10 and 100 of these when I was last in the UK, the exact number eludes me as I definitely overindulged. I am the definition of gluttony. I’m not the only one, the whole country is mad for them, every time I go they’re sold out and I have to wait for fresh ones straight out the oven.

Is it the taste or the guilt free eating? The delicious dairy free pastry or the lack of gristle bits in the sausage? Who knows, what I do know is that they’re delicious and they only cost a quid so I’m getting 8.

If you really wanna take it a step further, buy a few and take them home for your family, get them to try it and don’t tell them it’s vegan. See if they notice a difference, I bet they wont.