The Impossible Burger

April 7th 2019

Being a massive fan of the Beyond Meat burger I felt obligated to test the unofficial competitor, The Impossible Burger, Whilst visiting San Francisco I had stopped at the Cheesecake Factory to grab a bevvy but I had no idea they actually served the Impossible burger here so honestly I had to order it considering I had heard such great things, I was so glad that I did!

Compared to any vegan burger I have tried in the past this is by far the most similar in flavor and texture to the average beef burger. Not everyone is overly enthusiastic of the similarities with this and beef but for those of us who grew up on a ‘see-food’ diet and ate whatever we wanted this comes as a nice little win for guilt free reminiscence.

As a former carnivore myself I did eat and enjoy meat, so to find a alternative that tastes the same is a great achievement in my opinion. This burger will be the burger that will show meat eaters that they don’t have to give up the dishes they enjoy to make the vegan switch.

This burger is sold in a lot of restaurants now and you can check the Impossible website to find out where you can find one locally but I do know that from the 1st of April these burgers will be on the menu in ALL red robin restaurants within the US, Burger King has also announced they will be testing a vegetarian whopper featuring the Impossible Burger so keep an eye out if you’re looking to get your hands on one of these delicious burgers!